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Posted on February 17, 2018, in graphics. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Mélanie St-Pierre

    Hi! I have an old version of Flexi. Flexi 8. It work properly until today. I work on a drawing then suddenly, Flexi stop working! Just like that! I re-opend my drawing, continue woking for a couple of minutes and then pouff! It stop again! Does someone have this kind of problem?

    • Maybe a year or two ago SAI sent emails out and basically said that version 8 would not be supported anymore. In addition, with continuous Windows updates, it will get more and more unstable. About the only thing you can do is uninstall and reinstall to see if that fixes things, but to be frank, it may not solve all issues. I think version 8 still used a physical dongle right? If so you should be able to work threough some of the inssues, but if it uses a software key, its toast.

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