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Windows Graphics Made Easy with gudy Window by SEAL

Posted by Mark Rugen on Wed, Feb 20, 2013 @ 01:30 PM
Are you interested in window graphics? Are you having issues with your graphic sticking to a window that is cold or has high moisture? Would you like to do more window graphics? gudy (r) Window by SEAL my be the solution.

zeeks window resized 600Why Window Graphics?

No doubt, window graphics, especially repositionable, easily removable, window graphics is a major market. Why? Well, it’s one of the best ways for a retail shop to advertise a product, a special or some other important message.

Removable, repositionable window graphics is also a great way to attract attention to a shop through messages or graphics that change or move regularly.

We live in an age of information noise. In your most recent car ride, do you actually remember any one sign? Was there one graphic or message on a store that stood out? What about when you last walked the shopping mall? Do you remember a particularly cute or memorable sign on a window front? Probably not.

Since there are so many stores competing for your attention, static window signage is simply ignored or overlooked. However, what if that same retail shop were to change the window messaging once a month or more?

Overcoming Costs and Installation Issues

One issue with this advertising strategy may be cost. Another consideration may be the labor involved in installation and removal. gudy(r) Window by SEAL could be the answer to both.

gudy Window by SEAL is two adhesives in one. Let me explain, the process of using gudy Window is simple:

  1. Print your image on a substrate such as Neschen’s Satin 240 paper,
  2. Use your laminator to attached the permanent part of gudy to the image. gudy is used just like a laminating film,
  3. Trim your image,
  4. gudy window has an air release, textured, removable, repositionable adhesive on the side that will attach to the window.
  5. Supply the image to your customer
  6. They remove the protective liner and simply place on the window where they like and reposition as necessary, no special tolls needed!

So gudy window solves several issues. One it’s allows the folks making it to use paper media that is simply cheaper than more expensive window cling medias and easier to print to asdescribe the imagewell. In addition, the signage can be installed by the store personnel, o the sign shop need not travel and spend time installing. Finally, its temporary and can be removed as easily as it’s installed!

Watch an Installation

To really see the easy with which this product is used, it may be better to watch a video of the process. Believe me, its worth the few minutes out of your day.

Get A Free Sample

Want a free sample of gudy window by SEAL to try for yourself? No problem, just use the link below and we’ll get one out to you as soon as possible.

Free Sample of gudy Window

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