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FlexiSIGN for VersaWorks Users

color is happy to announce the release of our “FlexiSIGN for VersaWorks Users “ training DVD. This new DVD is especially designed for users of Roland wide format printers who also use FlexiSIGN for design and VersaWorks for printing. In this valuable DVD loaded with hours of training, we will show you how to get the best prints possible, how to soft proof your prints using your monitor and even give you hours of training on VersaWorks itself.

This is a must have for any FlexiSIGN & VersaWorks users!


To order or for more info, use this link:



Find The Right Fonts For Your Projects & Test Them Online With FontPro

Find The Right Fonts For Your Projects & Test Them Online With FontPro

by  on May 17, 2013
Web designers have a lot riding on their shoulders whenever they set out to design a new app or service; everything from the layout and the flow of the content to its color scheme has to be carefully considered and crafted. One very important aspect of design is the choice of font that’s used. It might sound somewhat trivial, but fonts come in a huge variety and they certainly aren’t a one-size fits all deal. FontPro is an excellent service that helps you choose the right font for any project. It’s free for now, but might not stay that way. The service allows you to search fonts by specifying different parameters such as the weight, slant, and width of the letters. The search can further be classified into serif, sans serif, slab serif, mono-spaced  script, handwriting, black letter, and decorative. Let’s take a more detailed look at it after the jump. Read More…

How to Make Backlit Signs Look Good Day and Night

Posted by Kim Dudley on Thu, Feb 23, 2012 @ 04:28 PM
backlit sample sign spokane
Driving around Spokane, you may not see a whole lot of full color backlit signs.  That’s because full color outdoor backlit signs present a special challenge: constantly changing ambient light.

In the beginning of sign making, backlit signs were hand painted with translucent paint that looked great when lit from the front by the sun as well as at night when lit from behind.  The transition from hand-painting to cut vinyl made the process easier, and translucent vinyl worked well for both day and night settings.  The downside to the vinyl was that it was and still is very expensive compared to other options.  In addition to a high price tag, the vinyl could only produce spot color, so images and text had to be simple. Photos, gradients and special effects were not possible.

Digital printing has solved both of these problems, but naturally, it leads to some of its own complications.  Digitally printing a sign face is more cost effective than either hand-painting or ordering and cutting several colors of translucent vinyl.  It also allows for a multitude of nearly unlimited color choices, and gradients produce a realistic, vibrant image.  The complication arises when different lighting – from the outside by the sun, and from the inside by electrical lighting – hits the print.  If the sign looks good in daylight, the backlighting will completely wash out the color at night (see the far right image, above).  For the same reason, if we increase the saturation to make a sign look bright and clear at night, it will be too dark for daytime viewing.

The solution?  After much testing – we found that the best solution was two layers of ink with a separating layer of white ink, all printed on the front side of the sign face.  By printing color, then white, then color again, (triple strike) you get an image that looks good no matter what the lighting.  When the sun shines on the sign, the front layer of ink is all that is seen.  When the sign is backlit, the second layer of color, hidden behind the white ink is pushed through so the sign isn’t washed out.

In the picture above, we printed the same image using three different processes.  The image on the right shows a “single strike,” or just one layer of ink.  This type of printing is great for most signs, but as you can see, the backlighting washes out the image at night.  The image on the left shows the same image printed on the front of the sign face, then printed in reverse on the back side.  This “double strike” method gives better color, but can be very difficult to register exactly on both sides.  The center image is a “triple strike” with color, white ink, then color printed on the sign face.  Our test image is printed with 100% opacity white ink, but by lowering the opacity to 50%, the image is bright and clear, but not too dark.

Even with the extra ink and extra printing time required for a triple strike, this is still the most cost effective option for vibrant full color backlit signs that look great in any lighting conditions.  The color will be sure to last at least 3-5 years, and if the sign is laminated, you can expect 5-7 years of life.

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Sign Making for your Business |

Sign Making for your Business |

This is just a good example of why you should be blogging!

Sign Making: The Different Types of Signs for a Business « Saffron Studio

Sign Making: The Different Types of Signs for a Business « Saffron Studio.

Nice article about signs in general.

Canadian Speed Control – My Graphics Guru

Canadian Speed Control – My Graphics Guru.

Speed control being used in Canada .
How’s this for effective speed control?

I don’t know about you, but
this would certainly slow me down!
People slow down and actually
try to “straddle” the hole.

 This is an actual speed control
service that is currently in use.

It is MUCH cheaper than speed
cameras, radar guns, police officers, etc.

Giveaway of the Day – free licensed software daily.

Giveaway of the Day – free licensed software daily. 

You really need to check this daily or have the email delivered, you’ll save thousands and get to use really cool software!

SGIA 2012 Was a Great Show

SEAL 62 Pro MD a Smash Hit


SEAL-Neschen Americas showed off their new SEAL65 Pro MD high end laminator. This is a bi-directional machine with a new Windows-Based control panel. Looked really nice, smooth and based on all the sales they closed, its going to replace a lot of slower machines out there. Look for more from this progressive company.

If you want to watch a nice video of this machine use this link:


SGIA Attendance Up

I’ve been to many shows over the years and in the last few years, attendance was way down, but this SGIA show, was so busy for Thursday and Friday that there was little time for lunch! And those attending seem to know what they wanted and asked great questions. Hopefully this is a sign the graphic economy may be coming around.

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