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How to Minimize Ghosting on Dry Erase Boards

Here’s an very interesting article by Jim Hingst with RTape Corporation. As an alternative to Dry Erase, try SEALs Anti-Graffiti film and this preparation is not needed. Great tip Jim!

Ghosting on dry erase boards is usually the rule, not the exception. If you want your dry erase board to look good years from now with minimal ghosting, you have to condition the surface, before you use it and you have to use the right markers.  I have used the RTape EZErase™ film on my refrigerator for two years.  The surface is as white today as when I applied it. In fact, it is a brighter white than the white of the refrigerator. 



Here’s how to condition the surface.  Apply Rain-X® Fast Wax Liquid Formula to the entire surface of the dry erase board, using a cotton rag. (Rain-X® Fast Wax is available at hardware stores, such as Menards.)
The Rain-X® Fast Wax forms a protective barrier between the surface of the EZErase™ dry erase vinyl and the ink of the dry erase pens.
After waxing the surface, I recommend writing on EZErase™ vinyl with the Quartet® Enduraglide® pens or the RTape dry erase pens.
To clean off the writing on EZErase™ vinyl, squirt a little Rain-X® Fast Wax on a cotton cloth. See the photo below. 
With Rain-X® Fast Wax the writing wipes right off leaving no telltale ghosting. See the picture below.  I can’t promise you that EZErase™ will never ghost. I don’t know what dry erase board that doesn’t show ghosting or signs of aging after years of use.  I can only report on the results that I have experienced and recommend that you give it a try.
To contact Jim Hingst, write him at or at Jim Hingst, PO Box 671, Chesterton, IN 46304 USA. For immediate assistance, call RTape at 1-800-440-1250 or 908-753-5570.
© 2012 Jim Hingst

Here’s a very good article on using that laminator and finishing in general.

Finishing Touches


You’ve invested in high-end, wide-format post-press equipment. But one thought keeps nagging at you. Are you making the best use of that investment?

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28 Ways a laminating machine can help you get prepared | The Survival Mom™

28 Ways a laminating machine can help you get prepared | The Survival Mom™.

Although an article for smaller laminators, are we missing the boat?

The State of Finishing and Beyond – My Graphics Guru

The State of Finishing and Beyond

Posted by Neschen Americas on March 13, 2012 at 1:43pm

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The State of Finishing and Beyond

By Angie Mohni, V.P. Marketing, Neschen Americas

With the technological advances being made in ink used with large format printers, the question that begs an answer is; is finishing really necessary? The answer is a resounding yes!

Despite advances in ink (Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV, Latex etc.) finishing is still necessary for two very important reasons, protection and enhancement of the image. While inks are indeed adding longevity to images, finishing these images can add an almost indestructible layer of protection to an image while at the same time actually enhancing color.

Manufacturers of laminates are constantly improving the adhesives used along with the film itself. Water-based adhesives are being use where solvent-based adhesive once were. Films are becoming not only better at beating back the suns UV components, but also in adding unique properties like anti-graffiti.

In addition, new adhesives are being developed that allow for unique applications such as wall graphics, re-positionable windows graphics and more. Of course a good laminator is needed to apply these new films.

Laminators themselves are also being moved forward in technology so that while still needed for applying films and adhesives to substrates, they are also being used in more unique applications, such as circuit boards, lamp shades, lenticular signage and more. This requires the makers of said equipment to re-think the possibilities for laminators. Alterations in length, how pressure is applied and controlled and even how media is loaded are now being made a part of the laminator technology advancements.

In addition to all of the above, due to the economic stresses in the marketplace today, manufactures are finding ways to improve film, adhesives and laminators while saving costs. No doubt the engineers are, at this moment, brain-storming in anticipation of the next exciting release of a printer or ink technology.

The bottom-line? Stay tuned for the release of some very interesting products in the next few months.

via The State of Finishing and Beyond – My Graphics Guru.

SGIA 2012 Was a Great Show

SEAL 62 Pro MD a Smash Hit


SEAL-Neschen Americas showed off their new SEAL65 Pro MD high end laminator. This is a bi-directional machine with a new Windows-Based control panel. Looked really nice, smooth and based on all the sales they closed, its going to replace a lot of slower machines out there. Look for more from this progressive company.

If you want to watch a nice video of this machine use this link:


SGIA Attendance Up

I’ve been to many shows over the years and in the last few years, attendance was way down, but this SGIA show, was so busy for Thursday and Friday that there was little time for lunch! And those attending seem to know what they wanted and asked great questions. Hopefully this is a sign the graphic economy may be coming around.

SGIA 2012

What In the World is New at SGIA?

Well, I’m on my way to Las Vegas, NV to attend the 2012 SGIA show. I’ll be doing demonstrations of the new SEAL 65 Pro MD laminator for SEAL and Neschen Americas. But I thought it might be nice to actually walk the show, take some photos and talk a bit about what’s new. In the current economic environment, I thought you might like to know what’s happening that could make you some money. So I’ll be taking photos, shooting video and generally posting what looks like a cool product. If you have any suggestions, please email me at

SEAL 65 Pro MD Laminator

Since I will be demoing the new SEAL laminator, I thought I’d share some initial thoughts with you. This thing is cool! It has a windows based operating system for the control panel, so they can update and upgrade it in the future with things like training videos, dear to my heart. In addition, I actually saw a beta unit do thermal encapsulation at 15 ft per minute! That’s like 5 times faster than norm! If you’ll be attending come see me! Here’s a video that shows off some of the features:

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