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Find Files & Folders Taking The Most Disk Space With WizTree

Since the inception of hard drives, manufactures are pioneering ways to pack in more gigabytes into them than you could imagine. As a result, hard drives boasting 1 terabyte of space have become quite common and should be pretty much enough to store most of your digital content. Windows doesn’t contain a native utility that quickly tells you about the amount of space each file and folder is occupying on the disk. On the flip side of the coin though, you can use a variety of third-party tools that suffice for the job. One such solution that I recently came across is WizTree. What makes WizTree stand apart from similar alternatives is its blazing fast scan speed. The tool uses MFT (Master File Table – the NTFS index about what a drive contains), completing the scanning process within a few seconds.

via Find Files & Folders Taking The Most Disk Space With WizTree.

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