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I’ll reserve this page for anything dealing with FlexiSIGN. FlexiSIGN is a software used by the sign making industry to design, layout and produce graphics for signs and printing. It is made by SA International, http://www.saintl.biz, and while similar to software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, it also has the needed feature of running vinyl cutters, and large format printers.

While a great software, many users need help with issues such as color management or just how-to videos. This will be www.givemehelp.com place for that information.

If you want a full set of FlexiSIGN training DVDs with over 20 hours of video training for this program, simple go to http://www.givemehelp.com/store.htm  where you will find a hots of traiing DVDs on FlexiSIGN and other topics!


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FlexiSIGN Tips & Tricks

Well, at least ONE person is reading this, so let’s get moving creating some real content. If you have a tip, a project something that can assist others, this is the place to post. While I will accept constructive criticism, what I really want is content that helps!

With that in mind, let me start.

Here are some ideas for contributions. I’ll do some you do some!

  • Color Management – What settings give you the best color?
  • Vectorizing – How to handle low resolution images.
  • Fonts – Where to find them, add them and use them.
  • Updates – How often should you check and why?
  • Goggle – Where to get copyright free images.

Okay, that’s just a start, how about adding more ideas. Just post and we can work on writing together!

A Few FlexiSIGN Killer Tips Online

Here’s a link to a few good tips, just thought I’d share. Enjoy. Learn to emboss, adjust skin tone even remove a complex background.



    • Having a bad day David? Actually I just started this blog, so you are right there is not much content, but like any sign you do, you have to start with an idea, then build on it. The final product will be good if you believe in it, work hard at it and I believe and will work hard to make this a great blog. Why not add some content, some of your knowledge, some expertise, some ideas, some solutions rather than this bad start. Blogs take on a life of their own after a while, but they have to start somewhere. Be a part of the build rather than the tear down.

  2. Carol-Signs R Us

    Just wondering if you can help me with a frustrating problem I have in FlexiExpert. I am having problems with my bitmap editing tools and in particular the straighten tool. At times it won’t work ie: pick up on a line where I decide and then at the other end. I am also having problems with setting a round edge to a sharp edge with the sharpen corner tool.
    Obviously I have scanned in an image and vectorised it but being a jpg it was a low resolution and the clean up is very tedious. Hope you can offer some help here.
    Thanks Carol

      • These tools are sensitive to the NODE that were created, so for instance if a node is made from a curve, you cannot apply another curve, etc. To check the nodes, just select the line and the node will show up. If it is round the line is considered a curve if square it is considered a line.

    • Sometimes when you get a poor quality image you can resample it and turn up the dpi and it will help a little with the jaggedness.After vectorizing the image- weld it,then go back and separate weld.That usually works for me with the editing tools.Hope this helps!

  3. I have Flexi 8.1v1 and the Mutoh Falcon outdoor 62. Recently when trying to send a RIP file for print the print manager reads “Cannot Open Port”. I am at my wits end and cannot print.

    Please help,

  4. I am new at using Flexisign. Somehow my inches in design central got switched to points and I can’t figure out how to switch it back to inches. I have version 6 with an upgrade to 6.5 I believe. I’d appreciate any help I can get.

  5. Shaylon Holloway

    I was wondering how to outline your font on Flexistarter. Or if this is even possible? Thanks in advance!

    • Well, FlexiStarter is the simplest form of FlexiSIGN and does not have all the features of the full version, however, if it is possible, then select the font and choose EFFECT and OUTLINE.

  6. my flexi starter 8.2v will not format my adobe illustrator files anymore. Any1 know why?

    • We probably need more information, but if something is working and then begins not to, that usually means a change happened somewhere. If FlexiSIGN did not change, then Adobe Illustrator did. Perhaps an update took place and changed something in the file format. Try saving in an older format or as an EPS file.

    • Adobe illustrator has a new system which everyone has to pay for now, and only the new versions will run fully. With older programs, it will and does stop running or runs fault files or only part files etc as they are now shut down, and not being updated. If you have a new subscription to illustrator, (over 700 bucks per year in Canada) then you will also need to upgrade your Flexi, which also has a paid subscription for now. So both programs are now under subscriber use only! That gets expensive, so you may have to use different free programs if that is what you can afford….:( I know, its a bummer!!!

  7. Yea I did update my Adobe Illustrator program. If that is the problem how do I fix it?

  8. Yea I tried saving as Epson and pdf but still won’t format!

  9. I tried saving as Eps and pdf files but still won’t format. Thanks

  10. Dustin Abercrombie

    I am having an issue when typing text in Flexi-sign 10. When I hit the enter button to return to the next line it moves up instead of down to the next line. How do I change this. Thanks for the help.

  11. FlexiSignPro v8 – soooo many questions… just a couple to get started…
    1. is it possible to change the color that shows the ‘cut line’? I find it hard to distinguish the black outline and the gray cut line.
    2. Is there a way to choose all the cut lines and delete them? I was trying to cut print vinyl on a Roland, I wanted to cut around the outside of the letters and graphics, and the space in between. (There were 3 lines of text with shading and an X shaped graphic in the background.) I found what I wanted to cut by using the ‘outline’ feature and applying a contour cut to it. BUT, I couldn’t get rid of all the small cut areas inside the lettering and the graphic. I ended up using the ‘select within’ tool and manually selecting each small piece and deleting it. That was very tedious, because the ‘select within’ tool doesn’t STAY selected, I had to click it each time, then click the area I wanted to delete.
    3. How to keep the ‘select within’ tool selected until I am done with it?

    OK. so I guess that a FEW questions, not just a couple. Any help is appreciated. 🙂

    • 1. is it possible to change the color that shows the ‘cut line’? I find it hard to distinguish the black outline and the gray cut line.

      Not sure what you mean here. If you mean an CONTOURCUT then YES assign any color, just make sure that in the RIP&PRINT menu you select the last tab and ASSIGN the color as a contour cut.

      2. Is there a way to choose all the cut lines and delete them? I was trying to cut print vinyl on a Roland, I wanted to cut around the outside of the letters and graphics, and the space in between. (There were 3 lines of text with shading and an X shaped graphic in the background.) I found what I wanted to cut by using the ‘outline’ feature and applying a contour cut to it. BUT, I couldn’t get rid of all the small cut areas inside the lettering and the graphic. I ended up using the ‘select within’ tool and manually selecting each small piece and deleting it. That was very tedious, because the ‘select within’ tool doesn’t STAY selected, I had to click it each time, then click the area I wanted to delete.

      Usually an option in DESIGNCENTRAL. Turn off cut holes.

      3. How to keep the ‘select within’ tool selected until I am done with it?

      Sorry, something I talked to SAI about, for now, its a pain.

      • WOW! that was a quick response, thank you. Item #2 – I know how to select to cut holes and not cut holes. My problem was, I only wanted to cut the outline, but all the letters were cutting individually as well. So I ended up with WAY more cut then I wanted. I couldn’t ‘see’ where the letters were set up to cut, I couldn’t find how to stop them from cutting.

  12. I am not sure this is the answer, BUT… create the outline that you wanted. Then right click and separate the outline. Now go to arrange menu and convert the outline to a contour cut.

  13. Hi Mark,
    Jose with JT graphics, is flexi-sign pro compatible with windows 8.0 or 8.1?


  14. I have flexidesigner 10. I’m trying to put a white outline around some letters as they overlay a logo. But when I put a white outline on, it also adds a fine black outline around that. Any help would be appreciated!

  15. For whatever reason the DesignCentral pop up window moved slightly off the desktop to the top. As a result I can’t fully access it, because I can’t move it down. It’s a paim for e.g. Checking the width of an object or quickly changing fonts. Any ideas?

    • Try changing your scree resolution, making it higher then move Dc into the middle of the screen and change back. Only other thing to do is reset all your defaults, using the preference manager. Just remember , you’ll have to set everything back up, so be sure to SAVE your preferences before hand using the same manager.

    • I have the same issue and cannot access the DesignCentral. Same position out of view top right-hand side top corner.

      Tried Resetting the preference and changing the monitor resolution to max but still no avail.

      Any idea?

      • Well, not sure of the issues here. Usually this is related to the resolution of the monitor being changed while one of the menus is perhaps near the edge of the screen etc. Since they float , they can be hidden off screen. About the only way to really get everything back to “normal” is to reinstall. Now rather than go through this entire process, you can also just go to the SAI Production Suite folder in the windows start menu and choose Install Manager. This allows you to RESET the program as if you reinstalled it, of course bringing back all the defaults Only thing is you’ll have to setup all your devices again and will lose any custom settings.

        PLEASE be careful if you choose to do this! I would change the monitor resolution first and get those menus back. The method described is drastic and could take a while to restore to your desired settings, and that means a slowdown in production.

  16. Hello! We rune Flexi-Pro 7.x and purchased new equipment that utilizes DXF files. Do you know of anyway to convert our FS files to DXF? Thanks for your time.

    John Peterson

  17. How do you make the round ends on the font into crisp points? How do you get your font that has rough lines straight?

  18. Help with print cut. I set up the artwork with my contour cuts and send it to my production manager. printer prints with registration marks. I set the printed sheet in the my cutter and use the PM to send cut to plotter I set the markings up to read marks and it does not scan or read. I need some detailed instructions. I had it really close but now I am not even coming close to getting the print cut to work. SOS you can email me

    • Thanks for posting. Firstly, what cutter are you using? Some cutters use an optical method to find the marks. If you have set the optical reader close to the marks it should find them, and if not show an error message. On Graphtec cutters, there is also a “sensitivity” setting for this optical reader and that may be the case on other cutters as well. This may need adjusting. If there is no optical reader, then the marks have to be “found” manually. I suggest starting with the Flexi HELP file and reading all the topics on contour cutting. Open the HELP file and search for contour.

      Cutting the Contour on a Cutter with Automatic Alignment
      1.RIP and print the job.
      2.Remove the output media from the printer and load it into the cutter.
      3.Output the cut job in the Hold Queue as you would a normal print job.
      4.Align the cutting head over the first automatic registration mark (lower right if not marked) using the controls on the front panel of the cutter.
      5.Click OK to cut the contour.

      If you will be at SGIA next week in Las Vegas, I am doing demos on print and cut in the Flexi Booth 2362

  19. can enybody help me to prevent boxes in flexisign while typing telugu with anuscript manager.

  20. I am using Flexi Cloud and I believe the Outline Tool is defective. For example, I enter some text and then select the Outline tool. I add an outline and make it blue, then I click on the little # box to add a #2 outline. Great so far, I have my black letters with a blue outline #1 and a wireframe of outline of #2 waiting to be assigned a color . But then, if I try to select a second color, say red for the #2 outline, #1 outline also changes to red. Why would they have this ability to add additional layers of outlines and then not have it set up to where you can select different colors for them? Is this a glitch in the software or am I doing something wrong?

  21. Well, its related to the “interpolate color” mode of outlining. If you click the little yellow icon just tot he right of the # then change it to a sort of fading one, then change the # from 1 to say 5 or 10 and apply, you’ll get the effect of repeating outline, but they fade from one color to another in # steps.

  22. Oh. OK, I think I get it. it’s like creating a gradient outline. I’ll have to play with that.

    FYI, I just watched your Color Management Webinar, it’s very helpful. I should probably get the detailed DVD class. Color management has always been a big struggle for me, and still is because of the way SAi does their software updates. Every time I install an update it wipes out all the settings I so painstakingly arrived at after hours of hair pulling and cussing, and hundreds of dollars worth of materials wasted. I wish they would do their updates like most other software developers and have it import all the user settings and customizations.

  23. flexi 8.1
    have a foison c24 cutter that using the cut function is fine
    in rip and print when i send contour cut the production manager says cutting but nothing happens any ideas
    thanks darryl

  24. yeah it is a contour cut line
    just does not seem to send it to the cutter from production manager
    when cutting vinyl in normal mode its fine
    i have checked settings but cant seem to find anything

  25. What form of communication are you using with the cutter? Be sure to check that it’s not communication problem. I had the same thing happen with my printer, it turned out something changed the IP address so my jobs were being sent but not received by the printer. If you are using USB the port might have gotten messed up.

  26. When I try to send a job to my cutter (flexisign Pro version 8.1v1 windows xp and a q60 vinyl express) it will just hold and wont send. I also have a lot of jobs in the queue that I can’t delete for some reason it says in a small message “Rip and print” and “create process as user failed: 3” and then it says “unable to start Queue.”

  27. Hi Mark,

    I still can’t seem to get my straightening tool to work. Others do, but not this one.???

    I have taken a photo, imported it into my Flexi8, Vectorized it, and then made sure that it was ungrouped as you suggested. Still won’t work.

    Don Franklin

  28. Having a problem with flexi. It’s actually signpal 8.5v2 which is gcc’s version / licensed version of flexi. Now gcc no longer offers support. It has worked fine for 5 years now. Problem is out of nowhere this past week any .ai or .eps files do not open or import. I never had this problem before. I would convert them through vector magic or download them in .ai format. Now it does nothing at all other than to look like the page refreshes but shows no image or file.

    I have no idea what went wrong but overnight it just stopped opening eps files which is killing my business for converting customers images or importing them. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no luck at all. Saved .ve files open and cut fine but I can no longer open eps or ai files and this just started friday. Sadly gcc has been no help even though I purchased the software from them with the expert 24 cutter. They said it is outdated. Seems very frustrating and wondering if anyone can offer steps to fix this. As mentioned before it has worked for the past 5 years with no problem. Just happened Thursday for no reason at all.

    Any suggestions

    • Well since its an old version, its not likely to be an update to Flexi. Could be that something got corrupted. This can happen when windows, firewall or other security programs sweep a computer and delete files that may be used by Flexi. So I suggest a CLEAN uninstall and reinstall. Download REVO UNINSTALLER. It works as pro for 30 days. Use it to uninstall Flexi, then scan for left overs as it suggest to you. Now reboot computer and reintall flexi.


      Note: be sure you have a backup of all data.

  29. I have a old version of Flexi 7.0 and just bought a used Graphtec CE5000. Of course it doesn’t show up in the setup files because it was produced after the software was on the market. Is there a way to install drivers into Flexi so that I might use all the bells and whistles the new plotter offers or am I stuck just running it as an older version? I am running Win7. Thanks!!

    • While it’s not the best option, you could try installing the driver for a similar model, so say the FC – XXX or something. Most cutters use similar driver language. Only issue is that the other driver could have a different width etc etc, so understand this going in. Also SOME features like the electronic eye for detecting registration marks could not work or work irregularly. best option is of course to upgrade your flexi. Let me know if you decide to upgrade, I can help.

      • I have it running as a CE2000 right now and it runs fine. I’m just not able to access all the new things the plotter has to offer. It’s not a really big deal to me, but I was just wondering if it was possible. Thank you!!

  30. Im afraid without upgrading, you are probably getting the most you can get.

  31. Since I got my Mutoh printer a few years ago I hardly do anything in cut vinyl anymore, but I happened to have a client that wants a small sign in vinyl. I had almost completely forgotten how to use my cutter but finally got the job cut. I was very surprise at how poorly the letters came out. The round edges came out jagged almost pixilated looking. I used a very rounded kind of font and cut them at around 4″ in height. Did I forget to do something or omit a step I should have done to help smooth out the edges of the letters before sending to the cutter?
    Using the latest Flexi and a Summa S75T Cutter.

  32. Sounds a LOT like a blade holder issue, could even be the blade is not turning properly in the holder. I’d remove the blade, clean the holder, maybe even add just a drop of oil into the holder, the replace or reinsert the blade, Do some test cuts.

    • I finally got a chance to play around with the cutter, readjusted the blade, ran all the cutting tests, etc. There does not appear to be anything wrong with the cutter. I decided to take a closer look at the text and used the 1:1 view in Flexi. I noticed that the cutter reproduced the exact same jagged edges of the text that I am looking at on the screen. Apparently this is just a very badly made true-type font but it matches the font the customer wants. (Impossibilium BRK) Is there a way for me to smooth out or repair the font, or at least smooth out the text used in the sign? Alternatively, do you know where I can find a well made match for that font?

  33. We are trying to print to a Valuejet 1204. We are using Flexisign 10 and Production Manager. The color we are trying to print is a tan or taupe color but it is coming out purple.
    The color looks great in the Flexisign and Production manager software (and was Pantone matched in Illustrator), but it is a very dark brownish purple when coming out. Any suggestions on where to correct this?

  34. my production manager was working yesterday and I had an issue with the internet this morning so I deleted this driver program that was installed with 2 other junk programs that were trying to run in the background. I am pretty sure this was messing me up because once I deleted them I was able to get back on the internet. Now I have an error cannot open port. Any suggestions?

  35. Not sure if you are having the same issue but this is worth considering.
    I’ve had that problem several times. Unless the IP address of your machines in Production Manager are part of your network there will be a conflict. Every time I connected to the Internet I would loose communication with my printer and have to manually reset the Computer’s IP address in Windows. Not being a network IT guy I solved the problem by leaving my printer connected to the Ethernet connection on the computer and set the computer’s IP address to match the printer. To connect to the internet or my LAN I use the computer’s wireless adapter and communicate via the wireless router using a static LAN address.

  36. I am having trouble with the contour cut on Flexi Cloud. Even with the box checked “with holes” it sometimes will not cut out the hole. Especially if I have the letter outlined. I can get it to cut on the font itself, but if I apply the outline then apply the contour cut, it will not cut the holes out. I have tried separating the outline to contour cut it and it still does not cut out the hole. I have also tried converting to outline first with the same result. I have restarted Flexi and tried again, but no luck. Any ideas?

    • In all likelihood the outline you applied has a “solid backing” rather than a hole. When applying the outline, check designcentral and see if this is the case.

  37. I am using LXi 8.5 and am trying to download a new font into program. I have the font in my fonts folder as a true type font. However, it will not open thru the vinyl express program. What am I doing wrong?

    • Once you load a new font in windows font directory, you must EXIT LXI, then restart for it to show up in the font list. In Flexi 10 and upward the font will show up automatically.

  38. G’day
    We used to use Flexi 8.1… We have purchased Flexi Cloud now, and have it on one PC only.
    We have about 3 PCs and the problem we are having is on the PC with Cloud… Once we’ve opened a Flexi 8 file change and saved it… We cant open it on any other PCs that have flexi 8… It shows a preview in the menu box and when you try to open it, it opens a blank page.

    • We too have the same issue with 8.1. I see the file in the preview window, but upon opening, the page is blank! Can “GiveMeHelp” give us help?

  39. Hey, I have FlexiPro 7 and hoping you can help me. I created text and put outline around it. The cutter messed up a couple of the letters so I wanted to reprint just a few of the letters instead of all the text. When I copied and pasted the set of letters and then deleted the ones I didn’t want to print, the letters were not the same size as the original. Do you know of an easy way to do this. My husband ended up measuring the letters and I typed them with the measurements. I also couldn’t figure out how to select just a few of the letters to copy, that’s why I was copying the whole thing and then deleting the ones I really didn’t want. When I used the text icon and highlighted 2 of the letters, it would still paste the whole set. Thanks.

    • You might try TWO methods:

      1. Convert the text to curves and then just delete the parts you don’t want to print.
      2. Use the PANEL or TILE tab in the RIP and PRINT menu. Shrink it over the part you want to print and that’s the only part that will print.

      • Good evenng guys Im a new user of.flexisign pro 8.1v1
        i just dont know i cant finishmy installation it hangs on cd 2 and says
        that the set up could not find the specified path or disk what should i do.

        ive been stuck for almost a day trying to figure outwhat is the best thing to do

        thank you

      • A few ideas….

        1) Try making a copy of the CD that is hanging, then see if it works.
        2) Copy both CDs to a folder on HD and run form there.
        3) Be sure to NOT have dongle plugged in while installing
        4) Turn off your firewall while installing
        5) Make sure you install as Admin

        6) Yes….the inevitable …upgrade to the latest version (subscription is only $50 a month)

  40. Hey, I am having a problem with FlexiSign PRO 10.0.1. All things are working 100% good with my Roland CM-24 vinyl Plotter instead of “Show me” feature. So, I want to ask, “Is ‘show me’ function doesn’t work properly on USB”. If it works then please help me to solve this problem.

  41. I purchased your color management made easy book, The link to the genericlcd takes me to this page, but I don’t see a link here. What am I missing? Roger

  42. Thank you for the help. But I give up trying to print with Flexisign Pro. Had to much overspray. Evidently my settings were not right. Went to versaworks, printing great but I can’t get contour cut to work in VW. Any help would be appreciated. This is kinda a hobby, being retired. Roger

  43. Hello,
    Flexi 10.5 : Mutoh Falcon Outdoor 48 : Roland GX24 : winxp

    1) I print 30″ material and have to cut it down to 24″ to fit in Roland GX24…
    Is there a way to rotate the crop marks in flexi? I’d like to print the full width and a length under 24″ as to waste no material.

    2) I’m connected to printer via IP. I often times want to print numerous jobs in a row. I am running into a problem where the printer gets held up with the “Receiving Port” message. This happens completely randomly (after 1 print… or say 5). Any pointers on what might be going on?


  44. Hi– Can you help with a frustrating issue relating to Flexi 10 (starter version). It worked fine interfacing with my Gerber plotter in Windows 7 but just changed computers & am in Windows 7 Professional & I keep getting a message saying Production Manager has stopped working. It didn’t even flag me to choose a plotter on installation or when going to plot mode from the program. I have done a number of troubleshooting scenarios.
    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    • hmmm, try right clicking on the production manager icon, then choose Properties, then choose the Compatibility Tab and chose Run as Administrator. See if that wroks for ya. Both Flexi and Production manager should be run as an administrator. I know, I now, you already are, but you’ll still have to TELL windows you are for these programs.

  45. Steph van Dusschoten

    Wow! just reading through all this is interesting….my problem is on and off….I have Flexidesigner 8.0v2. Some of my .eps files import/open and some- nothing happens. nothing opens….I have gone to preferences and set all back to factory default…. what am I doing wrong…or saving eps wrong??? Help me PLEASE 🙂 …thank you in advance… I have had this problem on and off….so it must be the way I save the files???

  46. Christian Schultz

    I have an issue. I work for a large company that has a sign shop; they currently have Graphtec 7000-100 plotter and Flexi8 and are connected via USB. The OS is Windows XP and is not connected to the internet. It is used mainly for production. The issue is “Cutter is not responding to poll size”. I have tried changing firewall settings, re-installing both software, shutting both equipment down and re-booting. The employee tells me the stuff was working just fine Friday, June 26th and when he came back, it all of a sudden quit working. I have absolutely no knowledge of this program so I’m trying to do what I can with what I know.

    • I know you have tried this but…

      IN THIS ORDER: First, turn off the Graphtec as well as reboot your computer. After windows is fully booted and you are signed in, turn the graphtec on and initialize it. Windows typically indicates you have a new device etc and installs the windows driver for it. Now try the Poll size and see of this works. This will clear any communication issues. Sometimes its as simple as a cable as well, so if this does not work, change the cable.

  47. Sounds like a cutter problem to me. It looks like the software is communicating with the cutter but not receiving an answer it likes. Process of elimination, try a different cutter or printer, OR, try the software on a different computer. Graphtec may also have some diagnostic tools available, I’d call them.

  48. In Flexi 10 when I am sending my finished artwork to versaworks it says “Invalid Folder Name” I have never seen this. How do I fix it?

    • Flexi is looking for the VersaWorks “hot folder”. It sounds like this folder “Queue A or Queue B” is not being found. Did you recently reinstall either Flexi or VersaWorks?

      Typically, when VersaWorks is installed it makes a folder to accept jobs for ripping and printing. When you click the Send to VersaWorks icon in Flexi, a dialog box pops up and asks where to send the file. At the bottom of that dialog box it asks where VersaWorks is located, something like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Roland VersaWorks\ , make sure this is correct for your system, then it should work.

  49. Bom dia, amigo eu tenho o FlexiSign-Pro 10.0.1, consigo fazer recorte com ele normal mas nao consigo alinhar a marca de registro pra impressao e recorte, voce pode me dar algumas dicas?? ou tem algum video que possa me ajudar, uso ele na minha Foison C24.

  50. Hi, Im very new to the whole print game and have a mutoh value jet 1604 that came with flex sign pro 8. All has been working well until today when the rip is stuck on 0% and will not move. Tried all different formats, sizes etc. Any ideas how to get around this will be greatly appreciated.

    • Check a folder like this one:

      C:\Program Files (x86)\SAi\SAi Production Suite Cloud\Jobs and Settings\Jobs\YOURPRINTERNAME
      C:|Program Files\FlexiSIGN\Jobs\YOURPRINTERNAME

      Anyway its a folder in the Flexi Folder so you’ll need to use window explorer to find it. Once you get there, you may find several “jobs” still in the folder, delete those and you should be good to go.

  51. I have a customer that needs some help. He purchased Flexi back in 1998. He is running it on a windows 98 machine in his basement. The $20,000 Rolland printer just stopped cutting. It compiles the job, I can hear the printer initialize, but then nothing. It will no longer cut. The customer does not want to pay $1,500 for the Flexi upgrade. I do not think he has a choice. Ever encountered this before?

  52. I can not seem to get Flexisign 10.5 to put and outline with square corners on text. I try to use the outline but always get 45 degree corners. Even when I draw a simple square box and place an outline around it I still get 45 degree corners and not 90 degree corners. I tried the buttons with red lines with nodes points but they seems to do nothing. Any ideas?

  53. Look in the Fill/Stroke Editor box. Next to the color selection box are two drop down buttons. Open the drop down button on the left and make sure you have the center button selected, which is square corners. (The one above is 45 degree corners and the bottom is rounded corners)

  54. Please help! Just installed new printer/scanner canon mx490- keep getting “internal error- scangear 7,202,5” and won’t scan…. we have flexi 8.0v3. Thanks!

  55. Please help!! We have recently aquired a new scanner/printer (canon pixma) and the our Flexi 8.0 keeps coming up with an error each time we scan, 7,202,5.

  56. I’m using FlexiSign Pro. The “Send” button in “Rip and Print” option is not clickable but in the “Cut/Plot” option operates well. Is the option of “Rip and Print” is the same with “Cut/Plot” when adding a setup? Thanks.

  57. When starting up flexi pro 8.1 we have a box appear on every new page. How can we remove this?

    • Go to design central and click the little arrow and turn off the page.

      • Hello, You helped us previously. We have Signpal expert which is sai Flexi.
        We seem to have an odd issue out of nowhere. When there were two line of text, we use to be able to use the arrow on the lines to bring them closer together.
        But for some reason now when you try to move it closer it goes way off upwards instead of going down.

        This may help diagnose it.
        When we trpe testing then hit enter to start a new line to type again, the line starts on top of the other one (over it) instead of under it.

        Hope that explains better but if not I can take some screen shots.

        Instead of the following

        It will show


        It’s really odd and we can not figure out what happened. We even reset everything back to default but it does no good. It’s almost like when clicking enter to start a new line, it starts one on top instead of below the previous input text.

      • Most likely a DesignCentral option setting that is now right. Check all tabs to see if there is an option that must be changed back to default. Especially second tab where you can set text to type up not down.

  58. when I send multiple copies to be cut from production manager to my cutter (summa d140r) it only cuts the first and half of the 2nd image and quiets? help very frustrating

  59. Hi, im using flexi 10.0.1 but in the production manager, i couldn’t find the polaris cutter plotter PL740 device on the choices, what should i do. is my cutter not supported?

  60. Running Flexi 6.6v1 on Windows 7 Professional. EPS and AI file import suddenly stopped working. Solutions?

    • What changed on your system? Its likely to be an update of some kind etc. v6.6 was never intedned for windows 7. I think the last supported windows version was vista.

  61. HI Mark from Down Under
    I have just installed FlexiDESIGNER 12 here and I love it. Just wondering is there a way to set all the measurements to millimetres (mm) in the measuring tool? I have got mm for the rulers which is terrific but it is measuring everything in centimetres (cm) which confuses everyone as we talk in mm. I used to be able to do this but am struggling to find out how in this new version.

    Appreciate your time

    SAR Pittwater

  62. I am facing a typical situation. I have converted .cdr file to.eps file. Then i opened it in Flexisig pro7.5 by using “import”. It is showing as i have designedthere but When i give a command of cut/plot , panel in cut/plot is completly blank. Why it is not visible. I am unable to do cut/plot job. Can any body help me out????

  63. Our flexistarter wont send the options are just holding in list and save to file. the words SEND NOW is not in the options

  64. pmdk2004@yahoo.com

    I have flexi sign pro. I am having trouble with select tool and text tool. when I click on line of texts, it goes to rotation mode directly. I need to have it clicked like it always did. I think i must have hit some key that made that to happen. Please help. Also I can’t hold and select the text so I can alight all the lines.

    • Sounds a lot like you mouse button is double clicking when you think its just a single click. Look to your mouse button settings.

      • I also noticed that I can’t select anything with click and drag. I think I accidentally pressed something that made all text in lock position. In order to change font or size or even move to different place, I have to unlock it. How can I unlock text so I don’t have to do it every time? Thanks Manisha Patel

        Sent from my iPhone


  65. Thank you very much. How can I unlock text. It’s automatically locks all the text I type.

    • Im not sure how this is happening actually. The only way text gets locked is when you tell Flexi to lock it, you’d have to tyupe the text, then right click on it and choose lock. So I think your mouse is the issue.

  66. Why will Flexi send file to cut to my plotter but not to rip/print to my printer?

  67. Why will my flexi send files to cut/plot but not to rip/print

  68. Please help…. I have Flexisign 10. I need to 1) set up an irregular shape that is essentially a rectangle on the top and sides, but which has a bottom edge that is like the top edge of a circle. Then I need to 2) type the font into this shape and have the font contour to the shape. The finished top of the font would then follow along a horizontal line, but the bottom edge of the font would follow along the edge of the circle and be taller at the outer edges and shortest in the center. I have looked everywhere for instructions on how to do this, and have consulted with a couple of local folks who are trained in Flexi…no one seems to be able to help. There has to be something I am overlooking….

  69. I am using Flexi Cloud and something strange is happening. I made a paragraph of two lines, centered, containing six words. I select the text and then add a blurred drop shadow. When I click the green arrow to apply the shadow, the effect only gets applied to one word. I have used this feature before and it applied the shadow to all the text. Any idea why it would all of a sudden start applying itself to only one word?

  70. Is this happening for all fonts? Ttry changing the font and applying the same shadow, then change it back and see if this fixes it. OR, you can change the kerning a bit or size and try again. let us know.

  71. Tried other fonts and it does the same thing. I also noticed that sometimes it will apply the shadow unevenly, for example one of the words has a much darker shadow than the others. Totally unpredictable, but I kept trying until I did get it to work correctly a couple of times. I am able to complete the job, but it’s very frustrating when you pay such a high price for a piece of software and it does screwy things like this.

    • Sounds a lot like some sort of design central option issue. I think this because it did the same thing on other fonts. That tells me it’s working but some kind of setting in DC is causing the effects OR some sort of issue with fonts. Hard to tell.

  72. I there I’m having an issue with print size. I’m using Flexi Cloud on an HP Designjet 8000s.
    For example, if I print out a banner that is 24″ wide (x axis) and 72″ long (y axis), the final product will be 24″ wide and 71 3/4′ long. For some reason my Y axis dimensions are coming up short. It’s happening on different types of material and formats. Has anyone else had this issue?

  73. Can you make the design central ,color mixer icons larger on your second monitor

  74. Good morning, I am trying to make a vinyl banner using the FlexiSIGN 12 using a Roland GX-400. I am trying to print out text that is 42 inches long, I am having trouble cutting it out because the feed direction seems to be switched to the wrong way. How can I switch this back?

    • Not sure what you mean by “feed direction” but perhaps you mean orientation, and if so, check the first tab of the cut menu look for a little box near bottom that has a “man” image in it and rotate the cut

  75. Please can you assist. I need to cut vinyl for backlit signage. All the letters have a shadow, what must I do so that the word overlaps the shadow by 2mm, this is to ensure that there is no light peeping between the two colours ie. the word and the shadow. This is urgent. Thanks

    • Right click on the object with the shadow and separate the shadow. Choose JUST the shadow and outline as needed, in Designcentral choose NOT to retain the original. This will expand the outline as needed and delete the original outline leaving the overlapping on.

  76. Hello, I’m using flexi 8.5 with a soft key and the computer it’s on updated itself and now when flexi sends the request it’s not recognizing the internet and pops up an error saying that flexisign needs an internet connection to continue however the internet is working properly and the computer can access the internet fine with other applications, we have tried turning off the firewall to see if it was blocking it and received the same error code…any idea what may be going on?

    • Something is definitely blocking the connection. I would work with SAI tech support on this, I’m sure they see it often, but I dont know a specific correction. You could try right clicking on the flexi icon, and then select properties at the bottom of the pop up menu.Under the Compatibility tab choose, Run as administrator and try again.

  77. I’ve had issues like this before when updating the OS. Sometimes it automatically activates your Windows Firewall. If you use the Firewall add an exception for Flexi. If you don’t use it just make sure it’s turned off.

  78. I have a weird issue with FlexiSIGN Pro Cloud. We had to reinstall it on one of our computers, and everything seems to be working fine. EXCEPT…when we right click, instead of getting the menu of “Exit, zoom, undo…”, we get a magnifying glass only! Really weird, and really annoying! Have you seen this before, and is there a solution to it? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Sounds a lot like the a MOUSE setting rather than a Flexi setting. Check your mouse setting in the control panel and see if its set to use the right click for zooming.

  79. Can you please tell me how to set the setting to where when you send something to your plotter or cutter it only sends what is highlighted and not the entire page.I have flexi 10 with a Vesa Camm Roland printer and a Graphtec plotter

  80. I do select just what I want to send ,but it sends everything. My computer crashed so I am having to redo all my settings.

    • exit production manager and restart it, then try again. Flexi has always sent JUST the selection so somehow in your copy its seeing either everything selected or nothing.

    • Depends on where you are Sending from. It works for me as the default when I select the item from within Flexi to the Production Manager. Then that is the only item send to the Production Manager and the only thing that prints. Once sent to the Production Manager I don’t think you can select individual items to print from there.

      • It does. The only way to send part of a graphic once its in Production Manager is to use the Paneling options. You can go to the panel or tiles tab, then resize this around what you want to cut or print and that is all that will send.

  81. Here’s one for you. I have flexisign 7 running on windows 7. Everything works fine except for one problem. When I cut something it doesn’t complete the cut. I have to use a knife to finish the cut so I can weed it. I know that the later versions have a overrun, overlap, overcut whatever installed but I can’t find it in version 7. Got any ideas how I can get it to complete the cut

    • Can I assume that by “doesn’t complete the cut” you mean it leaves behind little tabs that when weeded means you have to cut them sometimes to finish weeding? Or did you mean you are cutting panels and it does not do the cross cut?


      If you mean the little tabs, this is an issue with your blade and cutter. Since blades have and angle, that means they have what if called an offset. Most cutters have a menu that allow you to set a value for this offset that handles this issue. When you get the updated version of Flexi, it has what is called overcut, and this allows the blade to cut through these little tabs.

      Not if you mean you are cutting panels and have to set a yardstick down to finish the crosscut, you can turn on an option for that in the Advanced tab of the cut menu in Flexi. It may say “cut page crossings” or something such as this.

  82. when I weed it I have to use my xacto knife to cut the little tabs. It’s a pain. Some letters are cut some aren’t. if it’s an issue with the cutter btw I’m using a US Cutter MH721, how do I correct that?

  83. I have Flexisign 10.5.1 on a Windows 7 Pro machine. Locally have Production manager installed. When in production manager, I go to print a file and production manager crashes on me. It just says “Production Manager has stopped working and needs to close”. I click on “OK” and it closes. This was working fine until Friday of last week. I have rebooted the PC, re-installed the program and it still does not work. Any ideas of what to look for next?

    I can ping “Communicate” with both printers just fine so I know the hardware and Ethernet are fine.

  84. Hello, I am using FlexiSIGN 10.0 and as I am typing a line the spacing moves up and I cant seem to find where to put it back in the same line. Any help would be great.

    • Go to DesignCentral. It controls all text features. Also sound a bit like you have chosen stacking text. Using the left mouse button, click and hold on the text icon on the left and make sure you are using horizontal ( first choice) text not stacking text.

  85. Hello, we are using Flexisign 10.5.1, all of a sudden on Friday of last week, everytime we try to print a banner the production manager crashes. It does not give any errors or anything that would state as to why. It just says “Production manager has to close”

    Any ideas this might be happening? We have been using this for a long time on this PC with no issues. All of a sudden it is happening.

    I have already uninstalled/reinstalled the software, rebooted the PC and still having the same issue.

    Help please….


    • Sounds like a dongle issue. If the program cannot “see” the security key, it will close. If you have a dongle, move it to a new USB port, if you are using a “soft” key, no dongle you’ll have to contact SAI for help. Other than that, it could be a software issue regarding windows or an antivirus program. Perhaps windows or the antivirus or firewall is no longer allowing production manager to run.

  86. I am new to Flexi and can’t figure out how to do a contour cut on something. I know I have to set this feature before I rip and print it, but how do I know which registration marks to use and then how to have my plotter then cut it after it is laminated?

  87. Hello, i have a problem with my flexistarter foison edidtion 8.6v2, it just happened from one day to another, i send the job to cutter foison c24 but on production manager sometimes i get this message, cutting 0%, sometimes this one cannot open port, sometimes it appear 100%, job done but nothing happens, it looks like there is no comunication with plotter, i already unistalled software and installed it again, changed the usb cable but it keeps occurring the same problem, can you help me

    • I am trying to remember, but I think this is due to OLDER jobs that get stuck in the cut queue. I think you have to use windows explorer to go to the Flexi folder then Jobs and Settings, then Jobs or Flexi Jobs and then your cutter model folder. If there is anything there, delete it. Needless to say, you do this at your own risk and what ever you delete is no longer queued to cut.

  88. I am trying to rip/print something from Flexi, and my production manager won’t open. I don’t get an error message, I don’t get anything…just “not responding” when i try to click anywhere on my screen.

    I have restarted both my computer and printer many times and still nothing.

  89. It worked fine on windows 7 just until a couple of weeks ago, i still do not know what went wrong with it, the computer detects the foison cutter when it is connected, i uninstalled and instaled again but when i send the information to cutter it just does not move, nothing happens

  90. Usb, but i tried with serial to usb cable and the cutter is not detected with that connection

  91. so I am using Windows 10 and flexi 12 and i still cant get flexi to open production manager when I try to rip/print something

    • Do you use AVAST for a security program? I think a recent update to that program erased files needed by Flexi.

    • Have you tried to run the Production Manager by itself? PM is a standalone application that normally can be run without starting Flexi. Like for example if you had archived a job or had any pdf file and want to print or cut it. You can start the PM and run the job without starting Flexi. Check out the Flexi Start menu folder and try to run the Production Manager alone and see if it will start from there.

  92. Thank you for your help. I got it fixed. Yes, I could print from my completed list in Production Manager. I could also send files to my cutter/plotter. I just couldn’t rip/print files and send them to my production manager. I called SAI tech support and we just reset my settings back to the factory settings and re-setup my plotter and printer. It works now. Tech support didn’t know what would have caused the problem so it may (and probably will) happen again, since I have this issue at random, not frequently, but definitely multiple times since I purchased my printer, flexi and computer.

  93. We purchased a brand new graphtec 54″ cutter 5 years ago. Within the first month the mother board went bad. We had all kinds of problems with it finding registration marks. Had it to a factory certified technician twice and both times cut well in the shop but after a couple of days, same problems.

    Ironically we decided to purchase a UPS system for our design computer and cutter. We have never had a problem since. We think we had electrical spikes caused by our large air conditioner unit mounted on the roof. $250.00 is a cheap investment to protect your equipment. Also some flexi bugs went away as well.

  94. I got flexi 10 and I drew up some artwork to send to a guy who has photoshop and wrap machine he told me to change my text to graphics and I can’t find where to do that at….. Any suggestions.

    Thanks Tanner

    • Select everything but bitmaps (or just the text) then go to the arrange menu and choose convert to outline. resend the file.

    • You can go to export and send it to your desktop (so it will be easy to find) and it will give you the option to “save as” choose the drop down arrow and select the file you which to save it .

  95. I have a question about printer profiles in Flexi. I picked up a roll of Sihl 3686G poster paper as my first attempt to print on paper. The company does not have a profile for the Mutoh 1204 printer I want to use with this product. I found a profile that was supposedly for this combination somewhere I can’t remember where, possibly Mutoh themselves, but when I tried to print some posters the print head started depositing a large blob of black ink in random places on the poster every 8 pr 9 passes of the head. I just wanted your opinion on if you think there is a problem with the printer or is it the profile attempting to deposit ink too fast because it’s not a good profile for this combination of printer and paper? Do you know of a better profile I can try? Your thoughts?

    • Sounds a bit like either a head strike or some other mechanical issue with the printer.

      In addition, could be the profile is setting up the wrong heat settings and possibly warping the paper and thus a head strike.

      I’d check with MUTOH for the right profile or recommendation.

      • Definitely not a head strike. It’s not a smear, it’s like a large droplet of ink is just falling off the head and being elongated to a teardrop shape about 1″ long by the travel of the head. Very strange. Know of any other paper profiles I might try?

  96. Just saw this on a protest I the Mutoh training facility so contact them it’s a printer issue not profile

  97. What is “Protest I”?

  98. I’m using flexi 10 and we’re having problems with the production manager. We are using an old graphtec ce1000-60, , works great, but for some reason when we try to plot longer than 70″ jobs, it just stops cutting. In the production manager it appears to have the length of material set much longer.

    Also, for some reason flexi production manager is defaulting to a ’tiled’ set up. This is driving me nuts and I have to go into the panel size area to make adjustments each time.

    Thanks for the help!

    • Are you sure you are using the correct driver? Try setting up the cutter in production manager again.

      • Hi,
        I just subscribe to the latest FlexiSign 12. I have a Mimaki CJV30 printer connected through USB to Flexi. I send the job through PRoduction Manager and nothing happens. I can see that PM is communicating with the printer because it shows me the exact width of my media that I loaded into the printer. After I hit the send button, I see the job rip through PM successfully. Then after it rips, the job disappears from the list. And the printer stays idle. How do I get it to print? Please help!

      • Seems like I remember that you must load the Mimaki USB driver. Also, you may need to put the mimaki online, then restart production manager something like this.

      • From what I’ve been able to tell, the driver seems correct. Graphtec, cd1000-60, and that’s it. For some reason it only cuts so many linear inches and then stops, and it defaults to automatically tiling anything we try to cut, I have to manually bring the tiles toward the graphic and try to cut that way. A real pain! And sometimes impossible to cut something very simple.

  99. I have Flexisign 7 running on Windows 7. When I send a file to my Gerber Odyssey Xp, it plots but its proportionately smaller than the drawing.

  100. Yes it is set to 100%

  101. it is set to 100%

  102. Hi, I am using Flexi Pro 7.5…I somehow got my new page default ruler’s origin point offset by 1 inch into the page on top left and bottom origin point. So, when I open a new file the rulers are not set to lower left origin point, but show 1 inch inside the page. The page grid settings show 0x,0y and I can’t find a way to reset it to default 0,0 on the actual page.
    I commonly move the origin point when building files to make boxes or do measurements, or gang objects. Completed job files save the origin point wherever I leave it, but when I open a new file page the rulers open with the offset origin point and I have to change it to 0,0 page origin. It’s really a hassle to have to do with every new job file.
    Any help or suggestions much appreciated….JimmyG

  103. Hello, I am using Flexi Pro 7.5. I need to know how to reset my page ruler origin point to 0x,0y default when I open a new file page.
    I commonly move the page origin point when building job file for aligning, measuring shapes like borders or boxes, or ganging objects, etc.
    I somehow got the new page default origin point moved so when I open a new file page the ruler origin points are inside the page 1 inch on top and bottom left hand side. I cant’ figure out how to reset it for a new file page. Every new file I start I have to reset the origin point which is getting to be a real hassle.
    Thank you for any help or suggestions on how to accomplish this default page origin reset.

  104. Yes, it should normally behave as you say….something got wacky by 1 inch exactly in my new page default origin points…

    • Update…I was finally able to figure out how to reset my origin problem….I opened Flexi and then closed the new untitled page to get me to default…I selected from pull down menus all the ruler, grid, and guideline measure box and changed all those back to 0,0 on all blocks…I close Flexi and opened ti again and everything was rest back to square 0,0 on a new untitled layout page….now every thing measure wise is in sync and square…

  105. hello author of givemehelp,
    I have two versions of flexisign installed on my pc.8.1 and 10. Whenever one of them doesn’t work properly I switch to another.Im currently facing 2 issues and I need your help desperately as my business depends on vinyl cutting.

    Let me mention I have a HP 7475A plotter
    1) When I have to cut something on vinyl width wise specially on v10, when i go to production manager and change the page size to 100×100 inches it doesn’t allow me. It has a limitation of 220 inch I guess.I normally keep 100×100 in v8.1 (allows for more room).Is there any way around to increase the page heigth and width.Im asking this question as my v8.1 is not working currently so I had to switch.

    2)I uninstalled and installed 8.1 but I’m stll getting Write port error.I read the tip above and cleared the previous preference before installing.Still teh problem exists.

    I would be greatly indebted if you could help me with these issues.I appreciate your efforts towards this dedicated blog. Thank You

    • 1) I am looking at the HP7475A cutter specs and its limited to something like 8.5 x 11 inches, so I am confused by your comments. Also, when designing in any version of Flexi, there is no need to set the page size in Production Manager unless you have a custom media size.

      2) Write Port Errors typically are related to cables, or perhaps conflicts with communication ports etc.

  106. I have Flexisign 7 running on Windows 7. When I send a file to my Gerber Odyssey Xp, it plots but its proportionately smaller than the drawing. It is set to 100% in the cut menu

  107. Marshall, you will need to go in your plotter menu and adjust increment settings to zero it to match scale from software…Make a test file in Flexi with squares and rectangles and adjust measure increments of the plotter until they match when test file is plotted to paper…

  108. Marshall this would possibly be the HPGL units (increments) found on page 74 of your manual… http://www.gspinc.com/downloads/PDF/fastfacts/literature/LG_odysseyxp_manual.pdf

  109. Hello, we have been using flexi for many years and have been generally very happy with it. The issue I currently have is this; the computer we have been running it on fried last week so we re-installed our flexi 8.5v2 but it does not list our Mimaki CJV30-130 hybrid printer and it has been long enough now we no longer remember how we got it working in the past. Do you have access to the correct driver or can you point me in the right direction?

    • I know that REECE SUPPLY in Dallas, TX sells Mimaki, perhaps they can help m,ore, but it sounds like someone probabaly added another model 9similar) to this to get you up and running.

  110. Hello would someone be kind to help with my problem? My query is under the name Varun dated: April 13, 2016 at 6:32 pm. Any help would be appreciated.

  111. Varun, your HP 7475A plotter is a very old pen plotter that was designed to use ANSI and ISO paper sizes….You have to match your page sizes in Flexi to whatever the maximum output page size that is built into the firmware of the HP 7475A….

  112. mike chierotti

    New to the blog, but not to Flexi. I often tell people if I new what I know now I would of just saved some money, purchased photo shop, and a RIP, but, I also admit that I hardly know 1/2 of what Flexi can do.
    We have FlexiSIGN-PRO 8.6v2…Issues: It always shuts down with some fatal error, usually a “not enough memory”. It often uninstalls itself, and I have to reinstall. Sometimes my job history is still there; sometimes not.
    Now you might says it’s our computer. It does this on every computer we have had in the past 11 years and with all versions up to our current. We do not have the time to learn a new program. I rarely have the time to be a student of Flexi. Can you help?

    • Sounds very much like a firewall, antivirus or security effect happening in windows. If one of thee programs detects some part of Flexi as a security risk, these odd effects can happen. The reason for stating this is that there were thousands of Flexi 8.6 users who had no difficulties. There were also several service packs added to Flexi 8.6 and I think the last one was 8.5 sp2. FYI the current version is 12, so you are also very far behind in keeping up to date making the likelihood of a windows issue even more of a possibility. Now, after reading my opinion, you MAY like some deny this, but I am offering you my opinion based on my own 25 years of experience with software and windows.

  113. I have flexi 10 expert where I work. I closed flexi and when I re opened it I could not get to my color swatches any more. I can see the list but they will not load. Any ideas on the cure. I have had this software here for several years now; one other time a particular color swatch disappeared also.

  114. I have a complex shape (well not that complex, a star). Can Flexi tell me the area of the shape for job estimating?

  115. Have just upgraded to FlexiSignPro 12. I am working off Windows 10. And I have just purchased an additional plotter. How do I run both plotters at the same time? It only allows me to run from the same usb port. The other plotter will not run through another usb port.
    Any advise welcome…

  116. Just an idea perhaps you can open a second window in flexi set up a separate port for the available plotter (different than the other) and see if that will work?
    Just an idea not something that I know will work

  117. Do you have any idea why when I send a job to cut it does all the inside cirlces of the text then the outside?

  118. Hello. I’m fairly new to Flexi. I’ve tried everything to get my color settings right. i soft proof as close as i can but still not getting crisp colors on pictures. Also cant get my Black to come out Black, it comes out a faded black. If there is anything someone can help me with. Id greatly appreciate it. Thanks, God Bless.

  119. Check in CMYK and see if you get e pure black. eg.K -100% and all other colors at 0% if your printed images have soft edges (not crisp) check print head alignment

    • We use a composite black utilising 100% of all CMYK (100%C, 100%M, 100%Y, 100%K).We get a true black. We find using 100%K gives a grey/browny black…obviously this will be dependent on the type of printer being used – I know a colleague who has a different printer to ours and uses a mix of 40%C, 30%M, 30%Y and 100%K and gets the same true black.

  120. Also, have you checked your color settings in Production manager (input profiles, rendering intent, output profile…)?

  121. W have flexi 11. In production manager when you try to open a job’s properties nothing opens up. The PM window loses focus and any interaction with it is disallowed like it spawned a child box that must be closed first to return to PM. I have tried changing resolutions and a whole host of things to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  122. We have flexi 11. In production manager when you try to open a job’s properties nothing opens up. The PM window loses focus and any interaction with it is disallowed like it spawned a child box that must be closed first to return to PM. I have tried changing resolutions and a whole host of things to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  123. I had a problem like that once because I was using dual monitors with an extended desktop. I discovered that a dialog box was opening on the extended desktop out of my view. Once I found the box I moved it back into view and then it remembered that location in the future.

  124. i’m using flexisign-pro 8.1 I have a image I wish to cut out be when I hit cut it only bring up the sentence above the image. do you know why this is?

  125. Hi

    I am new to this site, I have just bought a old camm 1 running off Flexisign-pro and do not have a clue how to send job down.
    Can you let me know the correct way to design your lettering and send your job to cut
    Iwould appreciate all suggestions

  126. When the screen seems to dim it usually is an indication that your computer / program is working hard but cannot find or open something. I get that when a file is to large for it to handle properly

  127. Thank you I will have a look at it and get back

  128. i am installed flexi 10.0.1 in my pc my opreting system in windows 7 but when i am not set material user difine above 10.0866 media width how to fix this issu
    and i have also flexi 8.1 but some time suddenly stop cuting and it’s showing cannot open port please reply as soon as possibale

  129. I am running Flexi 8.1 on windows XP and when opening files the type fonts appear compressed, can this be fixed easily

  130. I am using flexi design and have a design I need to use an ellipse cut on but I mistakenly selected contour cut. How do I remove the contour cut?

  131. iam using flexi 10 how can i add new fonts in this software, please give me replay ASAP

  132. iam using flexi 10, i want to add new fonts in flexi, how can i do this

  133. I had a corrupt file and had to initialize. Now when I click send to versaworks I get a failed to write to versaworks folder. Please check permissions. Where do I find that?

  134. I had to initialize Versaworks from a corrupt file. Now when I try to send to Versaworks Flexi pops up failed to write to versaworks folder. Please check permissions. Also if I export it to import it through the program cut lines are not showing up.

  135. I am using LXI Master Plus which is a rebranded Flexi 10.5 I believe or 10.0. I also use Flexi Starter. My problem is this. I have a GX-24 and I am trying to do the outline effect and when I cut it, it cuts the inside and outside of each letter. In other words it is cutting both colors so I cannot put the main color on top of the outline color vinyl. ( I have unchecked the box marked “Send Both Colors” ) After cutting the outline, I literally end up with the outline that goes around the letters.

    I was having a problem with Contour Cut but now that is good but it is not like using the effect “Outline.” Both of these problems had started at the same time and for years I did not have this problem. or any problems.

    In design central when using the outline effect, there is a button for background and no background. I am wandering what this is as well?

    • You will probably have to subscribe to the new flexi programs. Since they changed how you use the program, you now have to pay for it every year. Older programs can just stop running, just as Adobe etc have stopped their older programs.:( On your limited flexi you do not have the options you want here. When you get into the flexi 12, it has all what you are looking for. I hope this helps! I know I had to upgrade totally and subscribe at work here. The older files just would no longer run, nor are compatible with adobe and other programs like those that use CC. etc. Or so we found. I had Adobe 5, but had to now run only the newest programs and subscribe to everything each year. You may have to do that, or find a program that will work with your plotter for free, like the film ware it comes with. All design programs unless totally free have gone this root. 😦 Sorry buddy! I do feel for you!

    • Robert, there is a little icon in the outline properties box that allows you to select with “Backing” only as opposed to outline and original vectors. This selects the outline vector only. You have to do the same for all colors that will overlay each other

  136. I am a display artist, and do not get to play around with text fonts but what is in the program. However, I need to do a font called ‘sticks’ which is TTF rated.
    BUT, this is my problem

    The font has internal scribbles to make it LOOK like branches, which I want to turn off, and just get the OUTLINE of this font. How do I do that? I get the contour, but, the scribble still happens…do I have to draw all the titles by hand, then scan into sysem as a drawing, or is there a way I can just get the contour cut only??

    Please help if you have some time…

    I am using a graphtech ce5000 plotter with Flexie 12..


    • convert the text to outlines then ungroup them and make sure they are not compounded then after that you can select the stuff inside and delete it

  137. I am using Flex 8 with a Mimaki JV33-160 printer. Yesterday my production manager crashed and now I can’t get any files to rip to the printer. They will rip to my plotter. My printer works if I hook it up to another computer and rip to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  138. Hoping you had a good night of sleep…

    I need your help my friend, i’m using flexi sign 12 print & editor Mutoh Edition (i print in a Mutoh VJ 1324X and cut on a Vinyl Express Q54) And everything was running smooth until now:

    I printed logos with registration marks and the cutter reads them but won’t cut the logos on the right place, it seems like it just starts cutting 1/8 or something like that inside the logo… i’m thinking it might be because i left no margin (since the logo is rounded in the corners so the print does not touch or gets close to the registration mark). I’ve done it before like that and never gave me that problem, this is the second time and i’m just looking for a solution so it won’t happen again. Thanks a lot!!

  139. I’m using Flexi 11 and I need to know how to do a Fade from top to bottom for a graphics – like fade from black to white and then white to black in the same graphic – I just keep getting one fade – does this make any sense? Thanks

    • Ok, set up your gradient, then in the fill/stroke editor, click the icon that looks like a line, this should show up now on the gradient. Now add additional colors as needed to the line. black, white black etc

  140. How do I fix pixelation?

  141. In flexi sign I have somehow turned the capital A in Arial font into a collection of words from a prior project. Is there any way I can change this back. I can no longer type anything with a capital A in Arial. I have been switching fonts to work around but if there is a fix would love to know!

    • This may fix it: Type a Capital A in Arial, now make sure it is selected. Go to the text menu and choose define character. Make sure the designcentral box says Arial Capital A. Press Delete. Now try typing the A again.

  142. seems that I would try to delete that specific font from your fonts in the system and re load a new Arial font

  143. When importing illustrator files the texts gets outlined… how can I stop it from outlining is there settings for importing?

  144. we just purchased a mimaki jv3-160 and run flexi pro 10. How do I find color profiles!

  145. Hi i have flexi 10.5.1 running on windows7,all been working fine until the other day,now when i got to cut, production manager does not open up so will not cut
    please help me

  146. hope you can help before i throw my computer through a window.. im using flexipro 10 and a ricoh sg2100n sublimation printer to use for my mugs.. ive done tshirt and a few mugs upto now.. but now im doing a new mug when i go to print it is saying.. could not start print job?? ive googled all over for an answer and nothing i really hope you can help? x

    • Very possible that some files may get stuck in the Production manager que. Make sure you clean out the que, shouldn’t be many, no more than 10, jobs in the hold que of any printer. If this is not the case, its a matter of restarting Flexi and Production manager.

  147. i wrote on here but i dont know where it is?

  148. Is there a way to fix files that Flexi will not open? The files are .fs files but they will not preview nor will they open. Sometimes a error message pops up stating that the file is unsupported. The version of Flexi if this will help is 10.5.1

  149. Hi, I’m new to flexisign .. Is there away to add more than one different project to the cutter at one time? I know you can copy the same image but it ends up in one block, I want to add a different project to be cut and be able to place it anywhere on the sheet? Thanks

    • I think you might mean nesting projects, where you send two different cuts but want them to cut as one project rather than two. So yes, send each job, but place on HOLD in production manager, then select both jobs in Production Manager and nest them.

  150. The box that says design central is not appearing. I tried clicking it and using CTRl+I, and i have no luck. Also, does the black square from the backgrounf print if I just do my design and leave the margins that are already set? I’m very new to the program. Thanks

    • Typically the DesignCentral can be moved off screen if the resolution of the monitor is changed. So for instance if you had the monitor set at say 1920 and then switched to 1024, its possible that the designcentral was too far on the edge and is simply not showing up. To solve, go to the file menu and then workspace and choose default, it should reload everything.

      As far as the artboard and margin guides they will not print unless you turn on that option in the rip/print menu.

  151. Mark,
    We are running flexi sign 12 cloud version every time there is any kind of update by flexi or windows it takes hours to find and fix the glitches. How do we stop this as we need to make money by producing product not doing research and development.
    For example at this time we booted the computers and after they updated the files we produced perfectly in the past are now all the wrong color output.
    Four hours and counting and still can not get flexi to properly communicate with the printer
    we redesigned the file and still no luck .
    Please let me know if you might have any help with this issue it happens about every 3 to 4 weeks

  152. Mark,
    One other issue at this time is that the setup is set to hold in queue in Production Manager till we are prepared to send printer or cutter. at this time even with hold turned on the sent file from designer goes straight thru production manager. we have no control of the production.

  153. I’m in need of Reinstalling FlexiSign Pro 8.1 v1. I need to know where the user settings are stored so that i can make a BackUp before un/re-installing. Any advice would be appreciated.

  154. Hello,

    I am trying to cut a graphic. However, whenever I send it cut it to the cut cue, Flexi 12 only seems to be recognizing the width of the media and not the length. The length automatically defaults to 1968 in.



  155. flexi 10.5 pdf rip no design central pop up design editor and color switcher work fine tried resetting default work space

  156. Help! I am a designer and every kind of file I send to client using Flexi 11 cloud turns my drop shadow into a box! At wits end, out of ideas. Please help!

  157. Brialyn C. Abaya

    Can I ask any help for anyone here. How do I change the language (from Portuguese to English) my Flexisign.

  158. michael spence

    keeps telling me my images are not supported to cut but it will print them

  159. Hi, I’m pretty proficient with Flexi sign. Been using it with my dinosaur Ioline super 88 plotter for many years. I bought a smaller plotter, GC Expert24 for small vinyl cutting jobs, and I really don’t like the plotting software. Big question: Is flexi sign compatible with my plotter? I’m a glass etcher and pretty much all I use it for is stencils and some simple signage. Any comments will be much appreciated

  160. Herchel Baliwas


    Good day.

    Thanks for extending help.

    I have a Polaris cutter/plotter but the blade that cuts the vinyl won’t press down to cut. It was before but not it won’t. Maybe you can help me? Thank you in advance.


  161. trying to print some banners when i send the design to production manager it is all there looks like its suppose to but when it prints it cuts off about 8-10 inches of the design i can size it down and it will print the whole thing

  162. Having trouble with my default settings for my type too and I need help asap! My associate used the type tool, edited the lettering vertically (which stretched the font too much), and apparently somehow saved this warped font as the default type for my type tool. How do I reset or at least change it to a normal setting?

    • Choose the text icon, but DO NOT LICK ON THE SCREEN to use it instead, Simply change all the settings in DesignCentral to your desired settings. So set the font style, change back to horizontal etc. Then click ANY other icon, that will rest the font.

  163. My color bar at the bottom of my flexi screen has went away somehow. It is the one that has the rainbow, cloud, and brick colors. Do you know how I could get that color swatch back on there?

    • Usually you can use the VIEW menu and click on SWATCH TABLE to turn this item on or off.

      • When I click on that it takes away my Pantone colors that are at the bottom of my screen. I need to find the generic colors that were on there with the rainbow, cloud, and brick colors.

      • Ok, well ring that one back the same way. Now right click on any color and choose open table, navigate to the table or swatch folder and choose default. That should open the default table, however, if someone accidentally saved the pantone table as default, you’ll have to reload the table. I can send it to you.

  164. Aaron Kitchens

    Flexi 12 Printing 30′ trailer wrap on Mutoh 1624x… tiled first two tiles of eight fine with 1/2 inch overlap, then instead of overlapping 1/2 inch it seems to have left the overlap out compleatly… as in now may panels have 1/2in gap? Any ideas as to why?

  165. Hi
    I buy flixwsign software for foison c24 plotter Instal that . Production manager cannot find the foison what will do….?

  166. when starting SAi 8.5v1 it now states SAi server error, please notify SAi Support Group. What gives?

  167. Every time I use a dimension tool I have to set the text size to a higher number because it is always set at 0.25 in (which is far too small to read). How do I permanently set the dimension/text size to a higher number?

    • Select the dimension tool but DO NOT USE IT, instead go to designcental and make your changes. Once done, click on the arrow tool or some other icon and the values you choose will be set to the new one. There is no way to make this “permanent” because they will change per job, but this is how to reset them to any value you like.

  168. Hi, I’m using version 12. When I try to open the AI file from illustrator, from the server we have hooked up, the program says “Cannot Open File”. But when I open it up from a USB drive it’s perfectly fine. Any ideas why? And also any solution to the issue of it not being able to open through a server?

    • Strange one. Should be no difference at all. I suppose it must have to do with perhaps not “seeing” the file on the server for some reason. Does this happen with all your formats or just AI

  169. No idea why this would occur. Needless to say, opening through the server is somehow changing the AI, either its not coming through complete or its coming through corrupted. Why I don’t know.

    • I feel as if the file is not actually being saved an a CS5 AI file like it supposed to be. Any ideas why?

      • Sometimes, on a network the file may take a few moments more to save, so if you should close the file or move to the next design too fast,perhaps the file is not fully completed the save.

        Perhaps look at the SIZE of the file on the server and then compare that size to the one on the usb and see f they match?

  170. Candy and Scott Ross

    I have a black box outline when I open new windows in flexi that will not go away. How do I get rid of this?

  171. Hey Mark,
    Curious, could you perhaps do a webinar regarding the Flexi Color Profiler in Flexi 12? I walked though it yesterday with sub-par results. There is no information on the web dealing with this portion of the program and it would be very helpful for someone to explain what the steps are and why it’s important to evaluate swatches and how to properly set up ink limits, and what to look for as far as linearization. Knowing why we need to do this is half the battle.

    I’ve attended a class through Walker, and you touched on ICC info briefly for soft proofing, but profile creation for new media is where I get lost in the ‘theory’ behind the procedure.


    • The latest version of Flexi 12 has a NEW profile wizard that eliminates some of the steps. Have you tried it.

      • Yes, step by step it is fairly easy to use, but my results aren’t all that good (“I walked though it yesterday with sub-par results”) . Having someone explain what happens, and what NOT to do would help us greatly.

        My reds, blues, purples all look pretty good aside from being a little washed out looking, comparing to my Pantone book, but my yellows are not that close at all, and browns are a bit ‘muddy’ not quite as vibrant as I would like. There is some peppering in certain colors as well. I don’t have a Solid to Process book, and I know many colors are not 100% obtainable using CMYKLmLc, however I do think they could be dialed in a little better, but I’m not aware of the results of the decisions I’m making while creating the profile.

        My concern is, the steps in the Profiler don’t really explain exactly WHAT IT IS you are accomplishing when choosing the ink limits (CMYK, and Multi-Ink). And setting the values, while easy to do, doesn’t help you understand what happens, when printing, is a bit of a mystery. Getting a grip on the ‘theory’ aspect would help greatly.

  172. I would very simply like to know how to crop images. I had a large image that printed to my printer in two parts and now i would like to just reprint about 18in of the middle of the image. How can i do this?

  173. I’m having trouble when trying to cut, when I click on the cut button it pops up a screen wanting me to save instead of the production manager.

  174. how do i change from rip & print to pm settings?

  175. Can u help please
    I have no idea what I did but I can’t see what I’m typing for (quotes etc) only when I go to cut can I see it.. what the heck did I do.. very knew to the program

  176. Hi Mark i was wondering if there is a way to center an item in a auto serialize set? i.e. I have a 6”x6” square that i need to number from 1 – 50 but the numbers stray off center and seem to worsen progressively through the sequence?

    • Your copies follow your original. Select the text and choose to center it from the text and full justify option in designcentral

  177. Candy and Scott Ross

    When I send a file to print, there is a red outline that prints around images and text, how can I fix this?

  178. Hi, I went back to my default settings in order to retrieve some toolbars that had disappeared and now there is an automatic 24″ x 36″ box that appears in all of my files. Can you tell me how to make that go away? Thanks in advance

  179. Aaron Kitchens

    Hey Mark quick question…Have you ever seen flexisgn 12 replace the standard pointer with crosshairs instead of an arrow?? If so how do i switch it back?

  180. good morning mark…
    how to add additional tools in flexistarter 11 cloud edition

  181. How do I stop the paste feature from pasting the object any where on the artboard instead of being able to manually paste the object where I want it? I used to be able to do this and now I can’t and its driveing me nuts.

    By the way, love the media help. You got a lot of great tips.


  182. I want to take a photo and crop a portion (Main part of the picture) into an oval to make a Hard Hat sticker. How can I just crop an oval out of this picture? Any help is greatly appreciated, thx..

  183. Just installed Flexi 12 and using with my Roland VS-300i. Prints and contour cuts great, but it keeps feed the media back to origin once it’s finished the job. I’m stumped. Is there a way to turn this off? I would rather it cuts the sheet after each job. I don’t see anything in the online manual or any support posts about this.

  184. peter zaccagnino

    lost internet connection now flexi will not open I get a invalid server connection
    I am running flexi 8.5v1 on a laptop that has been driving my roland 3000 cutter just fine I reinstalled the app still no connection this is a legit application with dongle cd’s and passwords please help if you can

    • You need to contact SAI, they are the only ones that can help. They ended support for 8.5v1 a few months ago, but call them anyway. The issue may be the method of the install. You also need to make sure you are an ADMINISTRATOR when you install and install WITHOUT the dongle, then after the install insert the dongle and try.

    • The IT department here noted that with some USB connections/ drivers, they are out of sync or connection, and needed upgraded drivers…check that out…it is what went wrong with my older cutter. Sometimes with computer upgrades, etc, those can get dropped.

  185. I’m using Flexi 8.6 with a Roland 300 cutter when I send my sign to be cut I want it to be cut horizontally on my material but it cuts it vertically. I have used the rotate tool on the production manager and it still doesn’t cut it properly.

  186. I am using Flexi 12 and I am trying to take a jpeg image that is black and white and change the color to either blue or red. I am able to do so by changing the color mode to grayscale under the bitmap window. It then allows me to change the color of the image, but when I rip it the image goes back to black. I am assuming it goes back because it is grayscale. I am wondering if there is a step to take it out of grayscale and then keep the color that is selected. Again if I change the color mode to say RGB the image will then revert back to black.

    • Once you change the image to greyscale and repaint it using the bitmap paint bucket or brushes, it should print with the new color. There is nothing else to do. The only thing I can think of is that you might have TWO images one black and the other the new color with the original black one selected it would send just that one.

  187. Dear Sirs,

    I can not register your product Flexi 10.5 P.Cut Edition Unlimited.
    Installation of software was done properly, but when software try to open your registration address (http://www.saintl.biz/user_registration.asp) it is unreachable.

    Also I have another problem. When I try to “Add Setup” in Program Manager, in device list there is only Creation-PCut brand and his models.
    Seller explain me that I can use this software with my printer – Mutoh RJ4100. So, I think that I need software support for this brand and model.

    Can you please help me regarding this issues.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Flexi 10 is a very old version and SAI ended support for that product, basically, that means it is no longer able to be registered by SAI. Please contact them or the reseller for support. As far as the drivers for printers, again you’ll have to deal with the resellers, this is an out of date software and may not support those printers. The latest version for AMTUOH printers is version 12 and the latest version for FlexiSIGN is version 19.

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