5 Reasons You Should Be Printing to textiles

Reason #1: Textiles are  easy to print.

Perhaps there was a time when printing to a textile required a process called dye-sublimation. A fancy term for costly and difficult. But these days just about any printer, solvent, latex, UV even aqueous can print on a textile. More importantly the color will be great if you choose the right textile.

Reason #2: Textiles stand out.

Take a walk through a mall and you’ll see the typical PVC banner roll-up, curling edges and stiff and, well, plastic. The right textile can be used and the roll-up becomes soft to the touch, lighter and edge curling is lessened significantly.

Reason #3: Textile banners create an effective message.

Image, as shown in the image above, you placed 2-4 textile banners next to each other to form a message. Now your selling 2-4 roll-up and not just one! Instant profit and effective messaging. If you want to stand out, then using this technique can make you really different and your customer will love it!

Reason #4: Textiles are lighter than other medias.

If you have to ship your 20 ft by 40 ft PVC banner your going to pay a premium for shipping costs. Textile banners of the same size are lighter and can be folded into a smaller area, making shipping less expensive.

Reason #5: There is a textile for any application.

Not all textiles are created equal, but there are many choices these days. Textiles can be used in roll-up banners stands, table drops, flag messages and on removable, repositionable wall graphics. Images redesigning an entire hotel lobby with textiles! 

As you can see there are at least five reasons you should be printing with textiles.

  • But where can you find them and how do you pick the right one for your particular printer and application?
  • Where do you get the ICC profiles needed for getting vivid colors?
  • Where can you get samples to test?

Use the link below to get our comprehensive report on printable textiles.

  Comprehensive Printable Textile Report

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