FlexiSIGN tips and Tricks

Well, at least ONE person is reading this, so let’s get moving creating some real content. If you have a tips, a project something that can assist others, this is the place to post. While I will accept constructive criticism, what I really want is content that helps!

With that in mind, let me start.

Here are some ideas for contributions. I’ll do some you do some!

  • Color Management – What settings give you the best color?
  • Vectorizing – How to handle low resolution images.
  • Fonts – Where to find them, add them and use them.
  • Updates – How often should you check and why?
  • Goggle – Where to get copyright free images.

Okay, that’s just a start, how about adding more ideas. Just post and we can work on writing together!

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Owner of givemehelp.com and givemehelp.ning.com, I am the expert with FlexiSIGN and offer help to the graphics design and production community

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  1. Vectorizing – How to handle lowresolution images.


  3. I am using a Vinyl Express with the VE LXi Expert software, for some reason, I can’t find a way for the cutting tool to lift up each time it’s done, cutting the letters. So every time it travels to other sections of the design, the cutting tool is still lowered. My vinyl sticker shows so many line cuts on it. How can that tool lift up each time it’s not supposed to cut?

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